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           Chongqing Millennium Jubilee Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in AD 2000 millennium, full of company entrepreneurs for the joy and expectations of the cross century, it is called "Millennium Jubilee."". The company is mainly engaged in automobile 4S shop investment and operation, real estate development and health industry development. The company has the quality of real estate development, one after another in Chongqing, across Sichuan to develop more boutique real estate projects; founded Chongqing Jubilee Investment Ltd., is the "ten original tourism real estate project development in the West". The company has set up two 4S stores in line with the consistent service standards of Changan Ford, and continuously meets customer needs, and makes unremitting efforts to achieve the highest visibility and reputation.


            Chongqing Millennium Jubilee Industrial Co., the company has been adhering to the "market-oriented, cooperation and development, and continuously meet customer requirements, continuous improvement, improve the management performance of" business principles, and strive to build the company into modern enterprise diversification, management standardization and self cooperation combination, wholeheartedly contribute to economic development and social progress.