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President Speech

       Chongqing suncy Industrial Co., Ltd. since its establishment in 1997, the party and the state of the development of the private economy policy support and encouragement, in the joint efforts of the community care and support of all staff, entrepreneurship and after twenty years of development, has now grown into a set of auto parts design, development, manufacturing, automotive marketing services and real estate development, circular economy, logistics and investment management as one of the diversified enterprise group.

       Since coming from the last century in 90s, his people, tenacious struggle through hard pioneer, lofty and temper, the company achieved upgrade from a small family workshop to transformation of the modern enterprise, has development as the cross industry and trans regional enterprise group. Suncy and associated enterprises to create employment opportunities for thousands of employees, and related enterprises have made his contribution to the national economic and social development, and related enterprises to provide his products and services to win customers praise and trust.

       Set sail ride the wind and waves is at the forefront. Suncy will be higher and wider realm of mind, greater determination and efforts to grasp the trend of the times and the trend of development, advancing with the times, seize the opportunity to develop his better tomorrow.

       Xingchi and look forward to all my colleagues work together to jointly write a new chapter for sustainable development!


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