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          Chongqing star Qiao Rui Beijing Great Automotive Components Company Limited, owns the automobile tooling development, manufacturing, auto parts manufacturing and other entities. Its business with a number of world famous auto parts production enterprises to establish a joint venture partnership with a number of patented technologies, with the world's advanced automotive chassis, thermoforming and punching sheet metal welding technology, mainly dedicated to the development and manufacturing of the southwest and East China automobile chassis, body sheet metal and lightweight products. Many enterprises have won the "Q1 supplier", "excellent supplier", "strategic supplier", "model enterprise" and "Shou contract and credit" and many other titles.

          Our long-term commitment to core customers to provide high-quality, economic and personal services and a number of world famous enterprises, joint ventures, fully inclusive and equitable advantages and resources to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises and the superposition group.

          Chongqing star Joe Rui Beijing Great Automotive Components Company Limited adhering to the "people-oriented, honesty is the root and living soul" business philosophy, through continuous development and training, has a hard work, dedication, innovation, strong execution team.